Schacherl iPABC File Index Page

There are a couple of files on this page as follows :-

These files are made accessible to the IPABC iPhone application by defining links to them.

They can also be accessed by defining the relevant 'abc-music-file' META tags in the HTML header. Please take a look at the HTML source and it should become obvious (if you understand HTML that is !) .. these items are currently commented out.

Feel free to use this page as a template for building your own index but be aware that the HTML should be reasonably well formed (XHTML preferably) as the iPABC application will attempt to parse it as XML. If it is not well-formed then the behaviour may well be quite erratic and the specified ABC files may not be located by iPABC. Also remember that, depending on your ISP, the file names may well be case-sensitive !

This page was generated using Dreamweaver (which produces XHTML) and functions successfully without needing to edit the HTML in any way other than preparing the 'abc-music-file' META tags.